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Empfängerakku 2000 mAh 4,8V Würfel BEC Sanyo Eneloop

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Kapaciteta:2000 mAh
?tevilo celic (S):4 S

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Empfängerakku 2000 mAh 4,8V Würfel BEC Sanyo Eneloop

Immediately insertable
like a one-way battery

Because of the low self discharge we can deliver the SANYO batteries in a charged status. Also in the shop the eneloop batteries lose their energy very slowly. That means that the customer buys a fully charged battery which he or she can immediately use.

The eneloop battery is user-friendly just as an one-way battery.

SANYO cannot say something especially about the charge state of every single eneloop battery because they cannot predict the storage time. We ask for your understanding. A low energy content is not a general defect of the battery. After a recharging the energy content should conform to the indicated capacity.
low self discharge - the decisive advantage

What makes the eneloop unique?

The decisive advantage of the eneloop in comparison to other accumulators is the low self discharge.
The energy stays in the battery also after a storage of 6 or 12 months
(90 % of the energy after 6 months, 85 % after 12 months).
This is a real advantage for a rechargeable battery.
You do not have to think about the charge of the battery. Charge it and store it afterwards.
Even after several months you have a nearly full battery.

Here you can find frequently asked questions and the answers.


E.g.: The eneloop (AA) has a capacity of 2000 mAh
At the developement of the eneloop they optimated the battery to a low self discharge and not to a maximum capacity. Because of that you have to accept a smaller capacity.

The eneloop battery possesses in comparison to normal Ni-MH battteries a little higher tension. So you can take for example nearly the same amount of pictures with an eneloop with 2000 mAh as with a similar battery with 2500 mAh.

SANYO specify the battery capacity after IEC norm. Unfortunately not every single provider specifies their battery capacities after this norm.


Can I charge the eneloop with my battery recharger or do I have to take the eneloop battery recharger?

You can recharge the eneloop like every normal Ni-MH battery.
The battery recharger should be able to identify when the battery is fully charged and switch it off
to prevent an excessive charging. The eneloop battery recharger possesses this recognition.

Do I have to discharge the eneloop before uploading to avoid the memory effect?

Modern Ni-MH batteries like the eneloop have a small memory effect.
A discharging before the loading is not necessary.

The eneloop batteries are getting warm while charging
A small part of the loading energy becomes transformed in warmth. The eneloop battery recharger has got a quick charging time which causes a temperate warming. At normal room temperature the batteries heat up to about 40° C to 50° C.

Can the eneloop batteries get charged quickly?
The eneloop batteries can get charged also quickly like other Ni-MH batteries. However you have to pay attention that you use an intelligent battery recharger that controls the state of charge and to provide an excessive charging and an excessive warming.

Generally you can say that the Ni-MH battery should not be charged needlessly quickly. If you want to enjoy your eneloops for a long time, do not charge them too quickly.
Because of the low self discharge you do not need to load them quickly. It is better to buy a second pack of eneloops as to buy a quick battery recharger.

Shell I use the eneloop immediately after the buy or shell I charge it first and use it afterwards?
The eneloop comes recharged on the market. SANYO cannot say something especially about the charge state of every single eneloop battery. That means that your eneloop is charged when you buy it, but not a 100 % fully loaded.
You can put the eneloop immediately in your instrument and use it. However you should keep in mind that you do not have the full energy in the battery to disposal.
But you also can charge it after the buy and use it afterwards. Then you can be sure that you have the full energy to disposal.
But generally it is normal that Ni-MH batteries reach their maximum capacity after some cycles of chargings and dischargings.
Vrsta konstrukcije-uporaba: Empfängerakku
Tip akumulatorja: NiMH
Kapaciteta: 2000 mAh
?tevilo celic: 4
?tevilo celic (S): 4 S
Nazivna napetost: 4,8 Volt
Dol?ina pribl.: 52 mm
?irina pribl. 29 mm
Vi?ina pribl.: 29 mm
Te?a pribl.: 120 g
Konektor: BEC
Koli?ina dobave (EP): 1 Stück
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€ 19.90
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